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Gemstone Bracelets - Alora in the Wild

One thing that Alora Boutique is known for are our gemstone bracelets!

They are our most popular item when we do shows and we have them in stores across Canada and the United States.

It's easy to see why they are so popular, not only are the pretty but each bracelet has it's own unique meaning. And with more and more people practicing intentional living and mindfulness, these can bracelets help.

Choosing a Gemstone Bracelet

There are many ways to choose a gemstone bracelet, here are just a few ways.

By Meaning

You can choose a gemstone bracelet by choosing the meaning that is most relevant to you or addresses an issue or goal you are working towards. If you are wanting to better yourself as a person, the African Turquoise bracelet may be a good one as it means Growth, Awareness, and Positivity. 

By Color

Gemstones come in various colors and shade, and while the Howlite Gemstone bracelet may be pretty, it may not be in your color wheel. Maybe you prefer pinks or blues. Choose a color that you know you'll love wearing!

Who to Buy for

Gemstone bracelets are a great gift to give to:

  • A friend who just celebrated a big achievement
  • A parent celebrating a milestone birthday
  • Your stylish cousin
  • A spiritual friend
Gemstone bracelets are the perfect gift for you or a loved one. Order one or a set of three today!
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