Handmade Jewellery is Better – Here’s Why

When you are looking to buy a unique gift, or even just wanting to treat yourself, buying handmade jewelry is a great option.

Learning to make our shopping more sustainable will go a long way to helping reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, minerals and other resources.

Not only that, but greener shopping can also inspire you to find handmade and sustainable gifts that are made from the heart.

Buying handmade jewelry items is a great way to start if you’re looking to live a greener lifestyle. Here are some reasons that you should consider the benefits of buying handmade jewellery.

No Machines

Handmade jewellery is jewellery that is made by someone. That means that each piece will be a unique work of art. And also, no machines means less electricity and likely fuel was used in the making of the piece, making it the greener choice.

The Time

Each handcrafted item of jewellery requires more time to make. This imbues the piece with a significance that cannot be matched by a machine-made piece. Time is a precious resource; knowing that your jewelry was crafted with intention and purpose has so much more meaning for both the giver and the receiver. 

Knowing the Process

Designers have a love for the product that you can’t find in a mass-produced item. When you hold or wear a piece of handmade jewellery, you can almost feel the energy from its maker.

Handmade is of higher quality

We have all experienced the frustration and disappointment that comes from buying a cheap piece of jewellery. Sometimes causing skin reactions and discolorations, or even breaking or having parts fall off. Handmade jewellery is often made from higher quality metals, by an individual who is checking over their work. The makers are proud of their products and want to ensure that you love the piece as much or more than they do themselves.

Sustainable and ethical

Jewellery makers are often dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. By nature, being ethical can be much more costly than taking the easy route. Smaller-scale production is almost always higher quality. Especially when it comes to materials that are not cheap materials nor have been sourced illegally, or at least unethically

Support small business

Even if the product is not explicitly made in your local area, handmade jewellery is created by a person, likely in their home, and not in a factory somewhere. This means that your money is going towards paying the creator of the piece you are wearing, and not to lining the pockets of an already rich group of business owners. These are owners who likely had little to nothing to do with the making of the jewellery. Supporting small businesses means supporting a vital element of the economy.

Culturally appropriate

Many small scale makers and designers live in far-flung locations. However, online platforms give them a chance to share the beauty of the styles and techniques of their homeland and culture with others. This helps to foster a deeper connection to individuals across cultural, linguistic and even political boundaries.

Giving back

With the way that many businesses source their products or run their businesses, you will likely even be helping to give back with your purchase. Some businesses donate a portion of their profits to charity, and others source their materials from people in countries who would otherwise have no real incomes. This enables not only the small business owner to support their own family, but also helps support families around the world.

True Beauty

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, gifts that are made with love, that support a small scale business, and that create sustainable alternatives to big box stores are beautiful things. 


Next time you are looking for a gift or trying to find the perfect piece of jewellery to accent that new outfit, or even celebrating something special in your life, choose to buy a handmade piece. You won’t regret it.

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