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Healing Gemstone Jewelry - The Best Stones to Protect Against Negative Energy, Easy Anxiety, and Increase Happiness

Healing Gemstone Jewelry - The Best Stones to Protect Against Negative Energy, Easy Anxiety, and Increase Happiness

Alora’s healing gemstone jewelry has become an essential part of many of our customer’s daily wardrobe.

I get a lot of questions on which stones to use for that purpose. First, I want to say that all of our jewelry comes with the meaning card attached. Even though that is the case, I know it is difficult to understand which gemstone jewelry piece to wear for what specific purpose. Here are a few questions that people have asked me so I will answer them here!

Best gemstone to protect against negative energy

Many of us enter into environments that are not the best for us. Sometimes we have a toxic work environment and other times we are simply walking by someone with a less than pleasant aura.  

Black Stones - Obsidian

Black stones are the best protection against negative energy. Stones like Obsidian (click here for our obsidian gemstone jewelry), black tourmaline, and onyx are great protectors.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye doesn’t necessarily protect against negative energy, but it does help to keep your energy clear and calm. It can help keep your grounded.

Best gemstones to ease anxiety

No matter how hard we may try anxiety and stress can creep up on us at any time.

Decorative Agate

The beautiful blue colour helps to bring calming and soothing vibrations into your life. If you suffer from anxiety every day, it is a good idea to wear a blue agate gemstone bracelet every day.


Another blue stone that evokes calm. Not only is this a calming stone, but it promotes joy, peace, love and happiness. This is my favourite stone and I wear it almost every day!

Best gemstones for happiness


Orange coloured stones like citrine are great for happiness. Citrine doesn’t hold onto negative energy and the stone helps to remind us that we ARE worthy of success and happiness.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is an amazing stones to promote happiness. It aids in self-love and helps you to let go of shame, guilt, and regret – all happiness killers! You can pair rose quartz with amethyst for a killer happiness combination.



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