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Howlite Malas Canada: How to Use Them, What It Means

Howlite Mala Meaning

You are looking to get a mala necklace, but you don't know where to begin. You may want to consider a Howlite mala if you are looking for a calming stone or meditation. 

howlite bracelet

Howlite mala's aids in prepping your mind to be open to wisdom and insight. Using a howlite mala can also help with your sleep, enhances your memory, and encourages the desire for knowledge. 

Main meanings of Howlite

  • Calm and Clarity
  • Love
  • Truth
  • Calm
  • Self-realization
  • Wealth
  • Abundance


Howlite Mala: Properties

Howlite will help you tap into purity and have infinite energy. The metaphysical properties of Howlite enable it to open up your head, Chakra. This Chakra is said to be the place where the individual consciousness meets a higher state of universal consciousness. It also is responsible for the transcendence of your limitations. Howlite brings in healings from the heavens and sends it to the beholder's mind.


Howlite's strong metaphysical properties can be blessings from divine forces in your body. It is the reason why Howlite is popular with people who regularly meditate.


For people who have anxiety, this white stone is known only for calming yourself down. We have seen people suffering from anxiety or depression ask for this stone. For them, Howlite alleviates the feeling of being trapped as it becomes a shining light of guidance.


As mentioned before, people who meditate love Howlite. As it helps ground them and increases levels of calmness and tranquility.


Howlite Mala Powers: Love

howlite and love

Howlite stones bring harmony and warmth into anyone's day. Howlite's vibrations open up the chakras (especially the head), making the body open for all the love and positive emotions.


Do you find that you are after unrequited love? Getting a Howlite mala can help you find your way to love, bring calmness to you and let go of all the anxieties and frustrations you might have around this love. Using a Howlite mala will help you be mindful of your decisions and lift you to higher consciousness. 


We think that level-headedness in love is the best gift you can get from Howlite.


Howlite Malas and Patience

howlite patience

The energy of Howlite will teach you the value of patience.


In life, we must remember that not everything will go your way, and not everything will happen the way you want it to.


When this happens, you will need to demonstrate maturity, wisdom, and understanding, and Howlite can help with that. What you are longing for may not be yours for the moment, but when you reflect on it, you'll see that it doesn't mean that it will never be.


Using a Howlite mala can help you get rid of your frustrations, rage, pain, and fears. Howlite will help you feel more self-assured and come to peace with what is happening in your life - no matter how hard. 


This lovely white stone has a calming effect on your strong emotions. This can be beneficial if you are in a friendship or relationship and don't always agree. When you are angry or hurt, you can do or say things that can damage your relationship beyond repair, but meditate with Howlite to bring patience and calmness of mind.


The energies of Howlite will help you to stay calm and rational. Howlite will help you fight fair without slinging mud at each other or digging up the past every time. This stone will help you disagree without being hurtful, and it will make you more open to reaching a compromise.


Howlite can also help you and calm you when you are in the presence of a loved one. It can help you not to be tightly strung and calm and soothe you enough to enjoy the moments you have with your significant other. Additionally, it can help you to be more confident in going after what you want in love. 


We often see vulnerability as a sign of weakness and try not to show it. However, in a relationship (new or old), it is essential to reveal your vulnerability to your partner. Howlite is a stone that can encourage you to show and express your emotions. It can help you solidify your reasoning as well as provide you with clear communication.


Howlite has many properties, each property bringing and emitting different energy. The power of love energy helps you to become more aware of what is happening around you. It can help you make decisions and choices that are selfless, compassionate, and more.


If you want to bring more positive energy into your life and relationship, Howlite is the stone for you! It can not only strengthen the bond in your relationship but also give you peace of mind.


Howlite Mala Powers: Compassion

how howlite helps

Howlite is a stone of compassion, as well.


Its texture is soft and reminds us to carry out our actions with gentleness. This includes steps we take with others, but most importantly, the actions we take with ourselves.


The snow leopard is a symbol and strength and focus. This is an excellent symbol to keep with you as you undergo a spiritual transformation. When thinking about the snow leopard, other than its coloring, its soft fur also comes to mind. This softness can be brought into our lives by using the idea of the snow leopards soft fur to bring softness into your life. Bring that softness into your life and spiritual transformation by remembering to treat yourself and others well.


Carry your mala with you and hold it in your hands when you find that your patience is running low.


Howlite Mala Powers: Open-Mindedness 


The power of open-mindedness functions perfectly with Howlite's power of compassion. Howlite's energy allows for open-mindedness to come into your life. This open-mindedness will then allow you to have thoughts and ideas come together without judgment.


However, we must remember that not all ideas and thoughts that come to us are beneficial, but we must approach them without open-mindedness; otherwise, we will never think through these ideas. Overall, plans may not be helpful but may have beneficial parts that can lead us to better solutions.  


Howlite Mala Powers: Health


Living a healthy lifestyle and thinking about what you eat is becoming more prominent in society. Howlite malas can help you live a better, healthier life. This is due to its metaphysical properties. As mentioned before, this stone can open your head to Chakra for healing and is the meeting point between the physical body and the universe and soul.


As mentioned, healthy living is now more in vogue than ever. We are always looking for ways to get as many nutrients into our bodies as possible and ways to rid ourselves of the toxins in our bodies. Howlite has been said to help rid you of toxins and will help you to be more aware of what you put in your appetite as well as be more aware of your appetite.


Howlite works wonders on mental health. With the head being the primary Chakra for this gemstone, it makes it easier to heal and soothe your thoughts, which can make you feel better throughout the day and help you immensely when sleeping.


Healing and Health

Howlite has healing properties, which could aid in the healing or help of physical and mental conditions. People with anxiety and different stress-related illnesses have reported that Howlite has supported in their treatment of their illnesses.


Blue Howlite has been known to calm the mind and to soothe an overactive imagination. It is not often that we consider how overthinking can affect us, but overthinking can harm our health.


For one, ruminating excessively can disrupt your sleeping patterns and two, can leave you tired and disoriented for days after as you try to make up for sleep.


Howlite has been said to have properties that help with getting sleep and a peaceful respite every night. 


Do you have trouble with your memory or keeping your mood steady? Howlite has been said to be a great memory enhancer and mood stabilizer. It's said that it can improve your learning abilities, especially if you have ADHD.


Howlite Mala Powers: Awareness

To gain a better understanding of yourself, friends, family, and the world around you, Howlite is the stone for you!


It is one of those stones that can help bring wisdom and enlightenment into your life. It can help bring energy into your life that can connect you to higher realms and remove the veils blocking the truths in your life.


During meditation, Howlite can help you to focus your mind, promote serenity of mind, and remove any distracting thoughts. As mentioned before, Howlite is a calming stone, which means it can help you get rid of stress and anxiety.


This stone will also help you find the strength to let go of unhealthy attachments and old emotional pains. It can help you process your emotions to give you peace, happiness, and contentment in all aspects of your life.


Howlite is known as a wonder stone that can effectively calm your upset or harried state of mind. It has been said that it can help soften or remove your anger, aggressiveness, and stubbornness. Howlite can also help you eliminate selfishness and thoughtlessness and help you stop being overly critical about yourself. 


Howlite helps to bring forward your positive character traits and allows your strengths to guide you and your weaknesses to become fuel to better yourself. Howlite also helps you to communicate as well. It can help you to communicate better and have conversations that may be difficult for you.


Howlite is also a beautiful talisman to carry around to help you be able to express what you feel like you need to say more freely and more effectively.


Howlite is an excellent stone to have if you're seeking inspiration or motivation; it increases your creativity and self-expression. 


Howlite Mala Powers: Wealth & Abundance

howlite and wealth

Luck and Wealth


Looking for wealth and abundance? Howlite can help by improving your focus and concentration. As you have read, Howlite has many different properties and energies. This wondrous stone can help you to bring abundance and wealth into your home by improving your focus. Howlite obviously cannot make you money, but it can help you to open your mind so that you can find creative ways to reach your money goals; it can help you to zero in on your money goals.


By improving your focus and concentration, Howlite's energies can aid you in generating new and inspiring ideas.


Turquoise Howlite, in particular, is an inspiring hue and has uplifting energy. This crystal can help if you have been struggling to concoct out of the box ideas and free-thinking ways of earning money!


Turquoise Howlite, will help you to stay grounded and assist you in pursuing and realizing success. It will help you to understand which dreams and aspirations are achievable and to not follow after ideas that aren't based in fact or reality.


It can help give you all the support that you need to attract wealth, luck, abundance, and prosperity!




The stone won't rain all the wealth onto you; instead, it will increase your wealth by amplifying your focus and concentration. You'll be making smarter financial decisions that will, in return, bring fortunes to your side.


In businesses, this stone can help you tackle stressful situations and make sensible risks to increase your wealth. If you're looking for a stone to increase your confidence and concentration in the office, this is undoubtedly the stone to get.


The History of Howlite 

The Howlite stone was named after Henry How, a Canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist, in 1868, after finding deposits of the stone in Nova Scotia.


Also known as White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, and more recently, Snow Leopard Stone. This recent name came about due to Howlite's resemblance to the fur of the large cat that resides in Central and South Asia. 

 wehre howlite is found

Where Howlite is Found

Howlite can be found in: 

  • Canada
    • Nova Scotia
    • Newfoundland
    • New Brunswick
  • Pakistan
  • USA
  • Namibia 
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Germany

What Howlite Looks Like

Howlite is often a white or grey opaque color. It is a porous stone with grey, black, or brown veins running through it. As it is porous, it is often dyed with greens or blues to resemble a turquoise or red color. 

How to Use a Howlite Mala 

how to use howlite

This stone is wonderful to use during meditation. It can help you to achieve zen or transport you to environments where spirits and nature are intertwined.


As with all scared white gemstones, Howlite can bring peace and clarity of mind – its black lines signify that the brain is still at work, focused, not shut off.


Its relation to snow makes it a stone of the winter months when the bodies of mammals enter full or partial hibernation. This process of hibernation, spiritually, is integral in the transformation process. It allows the spirit and soul to gather energy to help you through your spiritual transformation.


Howlite can help you through times of spiritual and mental awareness. It allows the inner snow leopard to hunt down the negative feelings and energy inhabiting your body, to make you feel whole and physically well again.


Simply wearing the mala will have magnitudes of changes in your body and mind.


How to Care for your Howlite Mala


If you're looking for a mala to help you ground yourself and focus on the profound spiritual tranquility you've been longing for, Howlite is the right mala for you.


Howlite is a grounding stone that strips away all the frustrations from your life. It swaps it with an experience full of mindfulness and full of passion. You won't spend a single dull day with this mala.


How to Cleanse with a Howlite Mala


Malas and the crystals they use remove the negativity from your life with their powerful magical energies. Cleansing is essential to get rid of the negative energies that have accumulated in your mala.


Cleansing your mala is essential mainly if you use or wear it regularly. Fortunately, mala cleansing is quick and easy, and you can use everyday items or nature to do it!


As your Howlite mala absorbs negative vibrations from you and your environment and that negativity builds up.


Caring for Howlite


Due to its soft nature, you should not clean your Howlite with chemical or acidic cleaners. Use lukewarm water and a gentle soap to clean your howlite jewelry. Remove soap or water residue with soft or cotton cloth. 


Dyed Howlite, however, cannot be immersed in soapy water. When storing your Howlite, wrap and store it in a clean, soft, or cotton cloth in an area where it won't be scratched, crushed, or exposed to the elements.


Did you know: You can cleanse your malas with sound waves?


Put your Howlite mala inside a singing bowl and play it. The crystal bowl will create a sound and energy that will fill and cleanse both your mala and your environment. It has been said that you can also use this singing bowl to program and charge your Howlite.


Brown rice has also been said to have the ability to cleanse your Howlite mala. Put some brown rice in a bowl and keep your mala on top of it. Leave it there for about 4 hours and make sure to throw away the rice after using it. You don't want to reabsorb those negative energy by eating the rice.


Do you get lots of sun? Leave your Howlite mala to bask in the sunlight for several hours. 


You can perform a cleanse of your Howlite using moonlight. Leave your stone on your windowsill, porch, backyard, or roof. The moonlight is very healing, cleansing, and it can be lucky.


Howlite Uses and Powers

Here's why you need a Howlite crystal:

  • If you want to reduce:
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Tension
  • To facilitate awareness
  • Eliminate:
    • Anger
    • Pain
    • Negative energy
  • Bring in:
    • Focus and concentration
    • Success
    • Open-mindedness
  • Keep you grounded


Howlite is a famous stone that is also the easiest to use. Healing has been known to happen by having this stone near your body.


This will not only look beautiful on you but can also help you heal you as you progress through the day by carrying around the stone's healing energies. It has also been said to help soothe those who have depression or anxiety.


This also holds for when you are meditating. People worldwide have said that the Howlite crystal helped them during yoga to increase focus and calm.


Howlite Crystals Help You!

 howlite helps

Many spiritual qualities are represented by this stone, such as:

  • Tenderness
  • Stillness
  • Open-mindedness


How to Use Howlite for the Best Results?


Howlite is used in jewelry, whether that is in the form of a bracelet or necklace. It is also used decoratively or for small carvings. As mentioned, Howlite can be dyed, in addition to being dyed blue or red, it can be dyed other colors for aesthetic purposes. However, this dyeing does not affect the crystal's healing properties and energies.


Howlite has been known to absorb the negative feelings that can occur throughout the day, such as anger, jealousy, etc. By keeping it with you (in your pocket, purse, or on your person), this stone can absorb those negative feelings. By doing this, you can keep these feelings away and maintain a peaceful aura.


We have talked about how Howlite has properties to help soothe you and help you sleep. If you place this crystal under your pillow, it can help you to sleep better.


Best Crystals and Gemstones to Combine With Howlite

Howlite is best paired with

  • Rose Quartz
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Peridot

To increase patience and understanding, pair your Howlite with Amber or Chrysoprase.


What energy you want to bring into your life, will dictate what stone/crystal will best pair with your Howlite. This stone is one that is open and harmonious to other energies. Rather, if you have a collection of crystals, put your Howlite among them, center yourself, and see what crystal will best suit Howlite and whatever energy you are attempting to bring into your life.


Some crystal keepers like to hold their Howlite lightly towards specific stones to see if their intuition recognizes the two crystals. They check to see if the stones are drawn to another or pushing one another away with their vibrations. This is a way of identifying which stones work well with others, so don't be shy in experimenting. 


Where to Buy Howlite Mala

Alora Boutique is a Calgary based company that is known for its unique jewelry and gemstone bracelets. They have a wide selection of gemstone bracelets, including howlite malas and howlite bracelets


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