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International Women's Day Calgary Events

International Women's Day Calgary Events

Join us for the largest International Women's Day event in Calgary dedicated to celebrating, empowering and inspiring women. 

This International Women's Day presents an opportunity to empower women in this city in a meaningful way. SHE[EMPOWERS] is an event where women can be reminded of their strength and power in society.

SHE [EMPOWERS] will feature a female-entrepreneur marketplace, live performances by up and coming female performers, a keynote speech by an inspirational woman leader in the community! Follow us on social media as we release the full profiles of our vendors and performers. 

This event is in support of Women in Need Society. WINS is a local organization that helps vulnerable women and their families live better lives. They have a significant impact on women in Calgary.

"WINS made me realize I don’t need to struggle to meet my basic needs and that there are people that care enough to help a small family get back on their feet. Thanks for helping us when we needed it the most." - Barb

Enjoy a night out with friends that allows you to be inspired and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of women in this city while making a positive impact.

Early Bird Tickets are limited so act fast!

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