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    Moonstone Gifts that They Will Love!

    Moonstone is a beautiful stone that not many know about!

    Named due to its moon-like sheen, Moonstone can range from a colorless state to various shades of grey, pink, yellow, orange, green, and brown.

    What Moonstone Symbolizes and Represents

    Moonstone is often known as a stone that opens the heart. It has been associated with not only love, but protection, fertility, and the Moon. 

    Moonstone can open your heart to accept the love you deserve in your life as well as help you in your ability to express your true self. 

    Where You Can Find Moonstone

    Moonstone can be found in various parts of the world including:

    • Brazil
    • Germany
    • Australia
    • The U.S.
    • Tanzania
    • Madagascar

    The most valuable, prized, and rare Moonstone, Blue Moonstones, are found in India and Sri Lanka. India is known for producing Rainbow Moonstone.

    Moonstone Gifts

    Alora has a variety of Moonstone jewelry. Moonstone is a great gift for those who are looking to have more balance or intuition in their lives.

    It is a birthstone (June), lucky stone, a wedding gift, and so much more.

    This stone is one that has a lot of meaning, but also one that looks great on anyone. It is easy to style whether you buy a Moonstone necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings.

    Moonstone Earrings

    The Vault Jewelry has the Dean Davidson Signature Midi Moonstone Studs, which a are beautiful set of stud to gift for any occasion! These studs were made famous after being worn by Meghan Markle.


    Moonstone Necklace - Labradorite Lariat Necklace

    This casual yet glam necklace features a satellite chain with a bar, circle closure and a large labradorite pendant! It is oh so perfect for everyday wear.

    Labradorite is often called rainbow moonstone and is believed to be a stone of transformation and change.



    Moonstone Bracelet

    Our Nova Sterling Silver Moonstone Bracelet represents:


    ♥Good fortune

    ♥Nurturing and New Beginnings 

    Wear your bracelet as a reminder that every end is a new beginning that you are capable of inner growth and have great strength. 

    If you're looking for a Moonstone Gift, check out Alora's collection of Moonstone jewelry today!

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