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    February's Charity - Silver Linings Foundation

    The start of February has significance in many ways, one is that it is the start of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which is from the 1st to the 7th of February.

    This month, the way we will make our social impact is by not only donated our 5% of profits to Silver Linings Foundation, but also by donating a prize to Silver Linings for their yoga and meditation practice event! You can register here.

    This event will shine a light on body- acceptance and self-compassion.

    You can participate in online events that will be held throughout the week. The proceeds from which will go towards the Silver Linings Hub’s new Client Resource Library to help our clients access often hard to come by information.

    Raising awareness for eating disorders is more important than ever in 2021 because of the sweeping mental health repercussions of COVID-19. While we are making strides in talk about mental health, eating disorders, which have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness, are still shrouded in shame, stigma and secrecy.

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