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Alora Gives Back- How Your Purchase Creates a Meaningful Social Impact

Alora Gives Back- How Your Purchase Creates a Meaningful Social Impact

You probably know that Alora hand crafts modern, meaningful jewelry that you can wear everyday, but there is something else that we are just as passionate about. Every time you choose Alora, 5%  of your purchase goes towards assisting and encouraging Calgary's young women and mothers, women struggling with teenage pregnancies, domestic abuse, homelessness and poverty.

A portion of your purchase goes towards four non profit-organizations whose mission is to help these women we are passionate about supporting. The thing that I am most passionate about though, isn't just the money we donate to these charities, it is the fact that we play an active role in how we help these organizations. We try to hire from them, buy from them, learn from them and encourage them. 

Alora believes in creating a full circle social impact cycle- let's not just give money, but let's actively help them become bold, confident and independent.

I realize I am a little late to the game, but I wanted to tell you about our Q1 non-profit and the social impact that we created! Our Q1 non-profit (so fancy) is the Louise Dean Unlocking Potential Program. Louise Dean supports young teenage mothers, to give them the ability to become successful, bold and bright women and mothers. Our "Mommy & Me" campaign for Mother's day was dedicated to Louise Dean, and we hosted a brunch for young mothers and their children! Jam has written some awesome blogs about it, read about it here

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What I love about the brunch was that in addition to the young mothers, we invited influential Alora customers who are mothers to participate. Why? One of the things that Peter hears all the time is that they can't be independent because everyone else they know doesn't usually have the means to be independent. It's a catch 22 for them, they can't get a job because they don't know many people that are in a position to hire.

The Mommy & Me brunch was an open and trusting environment where the young mothers could talk to women they could look up to- women that also know the struggles of having a career and raising a crying, squealing and peeing baby, but somehow made it all work.

The point? Two of the girls actually found a mentor through the brunch! She connected with other brunch mommies, who has opened their world to some exciting possibilities and we couldn't be happier!

This is what we want to be creating, we want to be creating opportunities for these women to live their dreams, reach higher and become who they always wanted to be.

I have probably written the longest Alora blog post of life, so I'll cut it here. Stay tuned to hear more about our Q2 charity and how Alora Gave Back!

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