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Serene Macrame Plant Hangers

Serene Macrame Plant Hangers

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✨ Elevate Your Plant Love ✨

Experience the sheer joy of displaying your plant babies with our versatile macrame hanger. More than just a functional accessory, it brings a touch of elegance and convenience to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Crafted with durability in mind, this rope is built to withstand the weight of heavy flower pots. Rest assured that your precious plants will be securely held, allowing them to thrive in their suspended beauty.

Let the joy of nurturing plants flourish in your life. Embrace the convenience and elegance of our Hanging Plant Rope, transforming any space into a haven of greenery.

🌿 Elevate your plant display and let nature's beauty soar. Order your Hanging Plant Rope today! ✨

Specifications | Length

  • A:60cm
  • B:60cm
  • C:65cm
  • D:90cm
  • E:60cm
  • F:100cm
  • G:100cm
  • H:35cm
  • I:180cm
  • J:180cm


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