How to Organize Your Fashion Jewelry

Have you ever had the experience of getting ready for a night out? You go to pick out that perfect necklace and matching dangling earrings, only to find that when you pick it up, it’s tangled up with what seems like every other piece of jewellery you own.

You know you want to wear those pieces because they are the perfect accessory to your outfit, but if you spend the time untangling the mess, then you will most definitely be late.

If you’ve ever had that experience, you’re probably searching for ways that you can store those fashion jewellery pieces without the bother of tangles.

Imagine how much time you could save if you could find an excellent way to organize all of those lovely pieces. A solution that didn’t require you to spend large amounts of money or to have large amounts of space available.

So let’s go over some simple, yet genius, ways for storing your jewellery and preventing tangled jewellery disasters.

    A Jewelry Tackle Box

    A great storage solution is to pick up a plastic tackle or screw organizer box from your local store. They are inexpensive and contain a ton of small compartments that are ideal for separating each necklace, earring or bracelet.

    Towel Rod for Necklaces 

    This is an excellent example of thinking outside the box. Why not go and pick up a towel rod?
    Instead of installing it by the sink in the bathroom, install it in your dressing room, or bedroom. Then, use shower curtain hooks hung from the bar to hang your necklaces on. This allows you to see all your necklaces and helps ensure that they don’t get all tangled with one another.

      Egg Cartons for Rings

      Egg cartons are seemingly made for this purpose. Instead of throwing them into the recycling bin, why not simply cut off the lids, cut them down to size for wherever you plan on storing your jewelry? You now have some handy separated spaces to keep each piece of jewelry in. It may not look the prettiest, not only does it work, but it also allows you to repurpose an item and save it from the landfill, or recycling depot. 

      An Artist’s Palette for Delicate Jewelry  

      Another tremendous little jewellery storing hack is to use an artist’s palette. These are little plastic things that are made with separate little compartments that are perfect for keeping your small things separate. 

      Ice Cube Trays for Rings 

      Ice cube trays are inexpensive and easy to find pretty much everywhere. The compartments are just the right size for most pieces, they look reasonably clean and tidy and, most importantly, will function beautifully as fashion jewellery storage.

      Coat Rack for Bracelets and Necklaces

      If you are looking for a more stylish way of storing and organizing your fashion jewellery but also want to display your favourite pieces, a lovely way of doing this is to hang a coat rack on your wall.
      The hooks can be switched out for pretty novelty knobs, and these can be purchased either from a home improvement store, a local antique market or from a local garage sale.
      The knobs don’t even have to match, as long as you like the way they look. This way, you can have your fashion jewellery on display, while keeping yourself organized and your jewellery tangle-free.

      DIY Bracelet/Watch Storage 

      This fancy way of storing your gemstone bracelets and watches is easy to do and can look fantastic. All you need is a cardboard tube, some pretty fabric or paper and some glue.
      Cover the tube with fabric or paper, glue it on and voila, home-made bracelet and watch storage that lets you see your pieces and keep them all together and tangle-free.

      Hardware store chain 

      One of the most simple and yet beautiful ideas for fashion jewellery storage is to buy a length of chain from your local shop. Hang that chain anywhere in your room horizontally, and then you can hang all of your dangling earrings from it. It makes a great piece of art while allowing you to easily store those dangling earrings that can so easily get tangled and squished when stored in a drawer with your necklaces.

        These are just a few simple ways that can make a big difference in how long you need to get ready.

        Having your fashion jewellery organized or on display makes it easier to find your pieces, know which pieces you have, as well as keeping them from getting damaged and tangled beyond repair.

        How do you store your jewelry? Leave a comment below!

        November 04, 2019 by Jameela Ghann

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